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Oak Stone focuses on two alternative asset sectors,  Life Settlements and Real Estate, offering clients tailored solutions for both accredited and non-accredited investors in each via our affiliates, Oak Stone Capital and Oak Stone Capital Management.

Our life settlements asset management strategy is meticulously crafted for each discerning client, prioritizing exceptional returns that remain untethered to conventional benchmarks. By meticulously assessing and acquiring life insurance policies within the secondary and tertiary markets, we curate a diversified portfolio with meticulously calculated risk levels that seek to consistently outperform market norms. Through our proactive and individualized approach, we ensure non-correlated performance, transcending market fluctuations and allowing our clients to reap the rewards of a unique investment avenue, underpinned by meticulous analysis and a commitment to delivering superior, market beating returns at below-market risk.

Our real estate strategy focuses on a combination of debt and equity investments designed to optimize an investors place on the risk return spectrum.  Oak Stone takes an active role throughout the investment process, from evaluating potential opportunities to taking a hands-on approach at the operational level.  Oak Stone leaves nothing to chance, engaging best in class partners to deliver outsized returns to our investment partners.

Oak Stone offers opportunitites for both accredited and non-accredited investors in compliance with all SEC guidelines.

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